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Hi there. My name is Tim, but you can just call me T, TK, Arariel, Ara, AF, Fett. (or whatever works for you) I am 24, and live in the United States. I like to speak my mind, and as such, I speak the truth and how I see things. I am brutally honest, and while I don't intend to be rude, it's just something that unintentionally happens. I'm a big Star Wars nerd, hence the Fett in my name. Grew up watching Star Wars, and just love everything about it. I have four tattoos, and you can view those here.

Pokemon is another franchise that I fell in love with. As with Star Wars, I grew up watching it. Eventually, I hated the show because of how repetitive it was. I could go on a long rant, but won't. I still watch the Pokemon tv series, but only for the Pokemon themselves. They're so awesome, and some of them look amazing. My favorite Pokemon are Lucario and Mewtwo.

I am a major technology geek. I love to work on anything technology related, and am pretty decent at it. I'm also a gamer, and have been gaming all my life. My first ever console I owned was an N64, and since then, I've owned an Xbox, Playstation, PS2, Gamecube, GameBoy, GameBoy Advanced, Nintendo DS (original DS), Xbox 360, and currently the PS3. My favorite game currently is BattleField 4 and GTA V. Favorite game of all time would have to be the old school '64 classic Battle Tanx. That game was so dang fun!

As you can see, I have some knowledge in HTML. Coding and programming is something I've always been fascinated in learning. Slowly but surely I am, and I hope to some day build my website from scratch. (Webs is a really good free website maker, though!) Career wise, I am unemployed, but am very active in helping at my local animal shelter.

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